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Cloud Based

You no longer have to analyse your data within the

limited silos of individual systems

Free your data from its source and
analyse it in a greater context

Enable better decision making

Often data from different areas of your enterprise are handled within their own application. Now data from different systems can be easily analysed and visualised as a single holistic data set.

All this is done without copying your data or implementing a complex and expensive centralised data warehouse


welcome to eRIS.


In the onslaught of data an organisation produces daily, finding and using essential information is a challenge. eRIS revolutionises this process. It allows all your data to be accessed from the same place in live time by your whole organisation. With information and report creation at your fingertips, your team can make decisions that optimise processes and meet compliance requirements.

eRIS, eRIS multidevice, Eramosa UK, Eramosa, analytics

eRIS is an intuitive cloud based user experience with tools including:

  • The eRIS Mobile app allows you to increase productivity by extending the reach of eRIS everywhere users need to go and everywhere a computer cannot.

  • Electronic Logbooks replace messy, unreliable paper with secure electronic records that are easily readable, searchable, and archivable.

  • eRIS Dashboards give an overview of your entire system in a glance.

  • Powerful Analytics are built in, giving you new and valuable ways to view and interpret your data.

  • Straightforward Report Building allows for uncomplicated scheduling and distribution of data

  • Fully customisable, there is an eRIS solution that matches your needs, abilities, and budget.

eRIS, eRIS UK, Eramosa UK, Visualise Inofrmation, Analyse Information, Manage Information, Information, Data



Combining data from multiple management systems, including SCADA, LIMS, pdf's and IoT, to provide predictive  analytics for plant optimisation


Bring data from multiple sources to provide predictive analysis for leakage prevention


Bring data from every part of the operation, without creating new data warehouses, generate predictive analytics on the fly


Remote drain monitoring, know when a blockage is occurring, automatically generate works orders

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