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Drain Monitoring
Drain Blockage Crisis Prevention

Remote drain monitoring, know when a blockage is occurring, automatically generate a purchase or works order for inspection and jetting.

All before there is an overflow or flood!

GSM, satellite, ethernet & wi-fi connectivity

Drain blockages leading to overflows and flood can be disruptive and have major impacts on the business, closure, clean-up and possibly worse of all bad social media reviews. 


eRIS for drain monitoring let's you know when a blockage is occurring, then automatically finding best prices and speed to site, generating a purchase or works order for inspection and jetting. 


eRIS for drain monitoring provides trends of typical usage, combining external data such as weather, water meter readings and building occupancy can also be incorporated. 


Automated alarms, alerts and triggers, ensure proactive actions are taken quickly.


eRIS drain monitoring is suitable for both drains and tanks, coupled to sensors either currently in-situ or Eramosa UK can supply where there are gaps, the eRIS platform means that the requirement for frequent site visits is eliminated and that the issue of emergency response such as floods and overflows is reduced.

eRIS drain monitoring enables you to monitor and respond in a timely fashion, reducing customer disruption and enhancing customer loyalty, with the added benefit of a recurring income.

Eramosa UK eRIS drain monitoring is available in two versions. As an SME version to handle locations for a local drainage company.  The larger version is capable of managing large-scale operations where thousands of locations require monitoring, where sophisticated reports and predictive analytics to mange your operation are required.

Real-Time information

You can respond faster