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Manage  -  Normalise data from multiple sources, including SCADA, CMMS, LIMS, & pdf
Visualise - across multiple platforms
Analyse   - predictive insights
Action     -  Automated and manual actions to optimise your operation
Real Operational Insights 
Bring data from all management systems and manual input
No impact on system performance 
Analysis has no impact on operational systems performance
No additional data warehouses
Data is extracted on the fly
Free your data from its source
Bring greater context through merging other systems data
Predictive analytics
Preempt issues before they occur
Impacts of external factors  
Learn the impacts of external events on demand and consumption
Link consumption to data
Link consumption and demand data to markets data and prices
Optimise Logistcs
Reduce unnecessary journeys and enhance customer satisfaction
eRIS tools include:
  • eRIS Mobile app allows you to increase productivity by extending the reach of eRIS everywhere users need to go and everywhere a computer cannot.

  • Electronic Logbooks replace messy, unreliable paper with secure electronic records that are easily readable, searchable, and archivable.

  • eRIS Dashboards give an overview of your entire system in a glance.

  • Powerful Predictive Analytics are built in, giving you new and valuable ways to view and interpret your data.

  • Straightforward Report Building allows for uncomplicated reporting, scheduling and distribution of data.

  • Fully customisable, there is an e.RIS solution that matches your needs, abilities, and budget.