Potable water & wastewater systems are currently challenged with new technologies and an explosion in the quantity of sensors and equipment deployed. Updated instrumentation and data collection methods has resulted in an exponential increase information stored across an eye-watering number of diverse locations. 


Regulatory requirements mean enhanced analysis both in the field and laboratory, thereby demanding these  silos of data be integrated.


With ever increasing pressures on efficiency, the staff are becoming stretched, with critical data being swamped by the quantity of information generated, meaning that the process of data-led quality decision making is impaired.

eRIS Spider .png

eRIS gives centralised data from all areas crucial to the overall performance of the Water Company. Supporting efficient and effective plant and transfer operations with a common tool fostering easy communication ensuring accountability in all areas and aspects of the business.


The dashboard above is an eRIS screen that has been customised to show critical information. A summary view is usually set as the user’s homepage so that when they log into the system it is the first thing seen


These Dashboards provide users with a quick way to find important and critical information at a glance with where necessary enabled alarm states to facilitate immediate decision making, with the ability to click on a graphic to drill down in to the detail. Digital images, video and audio can be attached to the data through devices such as tablets and mobile phones, meaning that the requirement to respond with a visit site can be eliminated.

Tailored dashboards can be easily created displaying real-time information with a user-friendly interface.

Each page can hold many different types of portlets which can be adjusted to refresh data throughout the day.

Groups of users are able share the same dashboard page or have multiple dashboard pages so that users within a group can control both public and private dashboards.

The Report Viewer allows users to view saved report designs within any time period of interest. Each report is formatted to match the intended design, while adjusting to accommodate different page sizes and orientations with outputs including printers, PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML. In addition, the Comments & Review portlet permits eRIS users to comment on specific data that appears in the report.

The Report Viewer, along with the Comments & Review portlet, provide users with a quick and simple way to view rendered reports and comment or high­light questionable or specific data providing a platform for future customisation.

The list of available reports includes those developed by the current user or reports that other users created to be shared.  Each report owner controls which users are able to add comments to reports.

The Comments & Review portlet can work in conjunction with the Report Approval Workflow, which begins a report review process.